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Credit Club Membership

Introducing the Ready For Good Credit Club Membership. This is a membership that entitles you to exclusive attention and help from Jeanne Kelly and her expert panel of credit coaches, giving you insider access to all the latest news, tips, documents and strategies in Jeanne's credit archive.

New content is added to this website regularly

While everyone else tries to navigate through their credit reports alone – or remembers to even pull their credit scores! Members will receive ongoing benefits such as…

  • Reminders to obtain Free regular copies of your credit reports, allowing you to stay on top of your credit to fix inaccurate information, protect against identity theft.

  • Tips on how to improve your credit. After pulling your credit reports, you will find tips on specific actions you can take right away to make an improvement to your credit!

  • Ongoing information to guide you to a higher FICO score – you'll avoid the potential of floundering on your own, forgetting what needs to be done and when. Jeanne reveals powerful, proven strategies for your credit and will continue to add new information to the credit club.

Bonus: We sometimes get access to exclusive deals like low interest credit cards, and we'll let you know about them first so you can act fast on smart credit choices

Live Credit Google+ Hangouts & Webinar Events: You can email or call during a credit coaching event. They'll try to answer your questions and help you as you navigate credit decisions like: Should you get that car loan? Should you get a balance transfer credit card? What can you do to get a mortgage? It's like having direct access to a credit mentor whenever you need them. Our members tell us that this service (included in the price of your membership) is worth thousands of dollars in savings.

Advance Notice of Jeanne's Books: Jeanne writes credit books to help people build healthy credit. As a member, you'll get early-bird alerts and discounts to her latest books as she is publishing them.

Jeanne Kelly's Credit Club Memberships


Absolutely No Obligation:

The Ready For Good Credit Club Membership is FREE! It is a no obligation membership that you can enjoy as long as you want and share with as many people as you want. Only a valid email address is required to login and view Jeanne's exclusive content.

The Free Membership (Credit Apprentice) is completely free, never expires and is worth it's weight: Jeanne adds new content to her "credit archive" regularly, which even free members gain access to. Sign up for as long as you want - delete your email/account whenever you want.

There is a Premium Membership (Credit Guru) and has a annual fee of $299.99 that gains you access to additional pieces of valuable content like; discounts on items or events, sample letters to help as tools, organized forms to keep you on track, credit guru webinars and even Jeanne's full book, "The 90 Day Credit Challenge". Jeanne will be adding content and information to this site on a regular basis.

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