February 2016 - Helping you achieve healthy credit! - Credit Education & Credit Coaching

February 2016

You are out of college, have a new job offer in a new city and are in need of a place to live. You find out that they need a credit report. You know you never used any type of credit so you pulled a alternative report by eCredable. This can show how you have paid some of your utility bills for gas, electric, phone and with the history it gives you a report to give the new landlord. Check out the website for more information to help you. http://ecredable.com/how-we-help

Jeanne Kelly

Jeanne Kelly is a sought-after speaker. She has captivated audiences on television, via webinar and at live events. She speaks on credit-related topics like credit scores, building healthier credit, rebuilding credit, and more. Today, Jeanne has become one of the country’s foremost authorities on credit, credit reports and credit scores. She is the author of two books, she has appeared on The Today Show, The Lisa Oz Show, Blogs for the Huffington Post, Credit.com and her advice has helped thousands around the United States to build stronger and healthier credit.

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